Hello and welcome! We’re so glad you’ve somehow stumbled onto our little corner of the internet.

A bit of background: We’re both into science, bartending (and drinking), and crafty things. We like to bake and occasionally, we can be bothered to cook. We like Pinterest and we’re not afraid to say it!

This blog: This blog is a mish-mash of our various endeavors. Some of them are ideas we found online and wanted to try. Others are things that help us in our quest to be ever-increasingly awesome. And yet some are just because we want yummy things. We’re pretty average, we’re so far away from perfect that we can’t even see it, and we can give you the viewpoint of average people, not super-stars.

You can expect craziness mingled with genius. A lot of mess, but a lot of fun, and some really neat ideas.

By Crafty Scientists

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